Why Storage Concepts ?

Don’t trust your lumber storage to just anyone!

Lumber, Wood Products, and Building Materials are a specialized field —    These products are heavy, bulky and difficult to handle and store.  They require vast amounts of space, huge aisles and in many cases, can’t be easily stacked to utilize the overhead space effectively.

Efficient storage and handling of these products is complex. There are no simple rules, no short cuts. Cheap racks and back-of-the-envelope designs usually wind up wasting time, space and money.

Storing your inventory efficiently — like running a successful lumber business — is an art.  If anybody could do it, everybody would have well-organized, productive warehouses.

Storage Concepts began designing and building Storage and Handling Systems to meet the unique needs of the Lumber, Wood Product, and Building Material industries in 1982.  Since then we have developed a broad range of Products and Systems, specifically designed to move, handle and store your material faster, easier, and in less space.

A Storage Concepts system will pay for itself —- through space saved — reductions in labor costs, product damage and pilferage — as well as improvements in customer service, inventory control, personnel safety and more.  Additional benefits include:

  • Faster Order Picking
  • A Better Organized Inventory
  • Prevent Over or Under Stocking
  • Eliminate Double Handling
  • Safer Handling & Working Conditions
  • Easier Access to Stored Materials
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Increased Productivity
  • Require Less Space to Store the Same Inventory
  • Better Company Image, and Appearance to Your Customers
  • Durable Enough to Last a Lifetime
  • Flexible Enough to Adapt Quickly and Easily to Changes in Your Business

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State of the Art Lumber Storage System,
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