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Skid Racks – Basics

Skid Racks from Storage Concepts are perhaps the most versatile and economical of all storage racks for optimizing your lumber and building materials storage.  A Storage Concepts, Concept #125 Skid Rack can be used as a pallet rack or a basic storage rack.  Skids and pallets sit right on the shelf beams.  Add a drop-in shelf, and store virtually anything, like cartons, insulation, fencing, etc. on a Storage Concepts Skid Rack.

Skid Racks – Save Space

Skid Racks are ideal for shingles, rolled roofing, or any material that can’t be stacked to avoid crushing.  Skid racks allow you to store as high as your lift truck can reach, to save space, and with skid racks you maintain instant access to every skid, pallet or load.  No double handling.  You can piece pick from any height on your skid rack with a Storage Concepts, Concept  #141 Rolling Ladder.  Plus, Storage Concepts Skid Racks can be used indoors or out.

Skid Racks – Save Time

Storage Concepts Skid Racks also save time and reduce labor costs.  Skids and pallets are stored or retrieved in seconds, without double handling.  Plus, marked locations for each SKU, speed order picking and keep your inventory organized.  Additionally skid racks help protect your inventory.  Once safely stored off the floor, product damage, pilferage, and moisture problems are all reduced with a Storage Concepts Skid Rack.

Skid Racks – Versatility

Our Concept #125 Skid Racks can be designed to handle virtually any load, regardless of size, shape or weight – and versatility doesn’t stop there.  Assembly of Storage Concepts Skid Racks is fast and simple.  These Skid Racks just snap & lock together, no nuts, bolts or hardware.  When things change, shelves are easily adjusted to suit any height load, without tools.  When things change big, our modular design allows these skid racks to be relocated or reconfigured into a whole new layout.  Additional versatility is achieved with a series of skid rack accessories like upright extensions, wall ties, decking material and much more.

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