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Sheet Racks – Basics

Sheet Racks or Sheet Goods Racks as they are also called, are specifically designed to store sheet material easily and efficiently. Sheet Racks are very economical, and Storage Concepts Sheet Racks can be assembled in minutes. Without sheet racks, sheet goods, including plywood, paneling, MDF, OSB, hardboard, and particleboard, can be easily damaged. Storage Concepts Sheet Racks, will store and protect virtually all types of sheet goods, even steel sheet metal.

Sheet Racks – Benefits

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks will give you instant access to every unit of sheet. Our sheet racks, eliminate double handling. No more wasted time, stacking and restacking units, to get to the one you need. With these durable sheet racks, every unit is always accessible.

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks let you use your lift truck to load or unload a full unit of sheet goods in seconds. But with our sheet racks you can also piece pick, one sheet at a time, from any unit. These versatile sheet racks give you the option. When piece picking, a Storage Concepts, Concept #141 Rolling Ladder, will help you reach the upper levels of the sheet racks.

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks help you organize your inventory, so you know what you have and where it is. Sheet racks allow consistent assigned locations for each SKU, so sheet racks help order pickers know just where to go. That means sheet racks save time and labor costs.

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks protect your inventory. Indoors, sheet racks protect against impact damage, excessive handling, and drainage problems. Outdoors, covered sheet racks protect from mud, rain, sun, snow and ice. Either way, our sheet racks provide improved air flow to help reduce moisture and fungal problems. Storage Concepts Sheet Racks protect against value loss.

Sheet Racks – Configurations

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks are available in two different configurations. A Storage Concepts, Concept #121 Sheet Rack, stores sheet “short side in”. These sheet racks are easily lift truck loaded, for all sheet goods. Available in any height, our sheet racks can be configured as indoor sheet racks or as covered outdoor sheet racks.

A Storage Concepts, Concept #136 Sheet Rack, stores sheet “long side in”. These sheet racks can be lift truck loaded using fork extensions. But this sheet rack is also ideal for storing smaller quantities of sheet, in many varieties. When saving space is important, a Concept #136 Sheet Rack will store more sheet goods in less space, while maintaining immediate access to every unit, than any other sheet storage method. Concept #136 Sheet Racks will store twice as much sheet in the same linear footage of floor space, than conventional racks. Also available in any height, Concept #136 Sheet Racks can be configured as indoor sheet racks or as covered outdoor sheet racks.

Sheet Racks – Versatility

Storage Concepts Sheet Racks are used by lumber yards and millwork specialists for plywood and other sheet material. But these sheet racks are also used by many other industries. Manufacturers using wood or steel sheet metal benefit greatly from these versatile sheet racks.

Whether your sheet goods are 4 X 8 or 6 X 12 – weigh 1,000# or 8,000# per unit, a Storage Concept Sheet Rack will store them safely and securely. When your needs change, Storage Concepts Sheet Racks are easily changed. Shelves are adjustable without tools, so these sheet racks accommodate full or partial units of sheet in any height. Also these sheet racks are quickly assembled, disassembled or moved. Tools, nuts & bolts or hardware are not required for our sheet racks. All Storage Concepts Sheet Racks just snap & lock together. For additional flexibility, upright extensions can be added to our sheet racks later. A Storage Concepts Sheet Rack is a solid investment, reducing labor costs, saving space, and minimizing product damage.

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