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Types of Industrial Pipe Racks

When you need to store Pipe – Storage Concepts industrial Pipe Racks are available in a variety of configurations for different Pipe Storage and Handling needs, including:

Cantilever Pipe Racks (Lift Truck Loaded).

    • Ideal for storage of heavy pipe, in full or partial units; broken or unbroken bundles; with moderate to heavy throughput.

Cantilever Pipe Racks (Hand Loaded).

    • Ideal for storing lighter pipe, in smaller quantities, when piece picking a few items at a time.

Cantilever Pipe Racks with Trays

    • Ideal for storage of pipe, when a variety of lengths are all stored together in one load.

A-Frame Pipe Racks

    • Ideal for storing lighter weight pipe, standing-up. A-Frame Pipe Racks save floor space, using just 5 foot aisles. No equipment is needed, no climbing is necessary, all storing and retrieving is done from floor level.

Pigeon Hole Pipe Racks

    • Ideal for storage of lighter weight pipe, when the material needs to be stored laying down.

Portable Stacking Pipe Racks

    • Ideal for storing relatively short pipe, when the material needs to be stored and moved around, to multiple locations within or outside of your building.

Mini Module Pipe Racks

    • Ideal for storage of pipe, when easy relocation of your storage area is important.

Crane Handling Pipe Racks

    • Ideal for lifting, moving, and storing pipe, material with an overhead crane.

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Pipe Storage Racks from Storage Concepts make a great investment

When you store Pipe, Storage Concepts Pipe Storage Racks save time, save space, lower your labor costs, reduce product damage, speed order picking, improve safety, inventory control, and customer service. Here’s how:

Pipe Storage Racks Reduce Labor Cost

    • Pipe Racks eliminate the stacking of one load directly on top of another, called “block stacking”.  Storage Concepts Pipe Racks give you immediate access to every load.
    • Pipe Racks eliminate double handling. Your workers can load, unload and piece pick from every load in our Pipe Racks, without having to move another load out of their way.

Pipe Storage Racks Save Space Costs

    • Pipe Racks save space. Storage Concepts Pipe Racks allow you to store broken bundles of pipe, one above the other, as high as your building allows. Without Pipe Racks broken bundles can’t be stacked, taking up expensive floor space.
    • In addition to the savings of the space cost itself, which pipe racks afford, using less space means your equipment and personal travel shorter distances to store, retrieve, and order pick your pipe. This saves time and labor costs, as well as maintenance and replacement costs for carts, lift trucks and other equipment.

Pipe Storage Racks Improve Inventory Control

    • Pipe Racks help create a well organized storage system with clearly defined aisles, and designated, labeled locations for each SKU.
    • With Storage Concepts Pipe Racks, better organization makes keeping track of your inventory easier and faster. That saves time, labor costs, and reduces stock-outs.

Pipe Storage Racks Permit Faster Order Picking

    • With pipe racks, knowing where to quickly find each item, speeds order picking, saving more time and labor costs.
    • Studies have shown that as much as 80% of an order picker’s time is spent searching for the item he needs, and 20% actually picking it.  Pipe Racks reduce wasted time.

Pipe Storage Racks Improve Safety

    • Pipe Racks create clear aisles, reduce clutter, and eliminate the need for climbing on loads. All adding up to a safer environment.
    • Storage Concepts Pipe Racks also eliminate block stacked loads, which if mis-aligned, create unstable and dangerous stacks.

Pipe Storage Racks Reduce Product Damage

    • Storage Concepts indoor Pipe Racks get your inventory up off the floor and protect it from impact, water damage and excessive handling.
    • Storage Concepts Covered Outdoor Pipe Racks protect from mud, rain, sun, snow and ice, and can help reduce pilferage.

Pipe Storage Racks Facilitate Better Customer Service

    • Pipe Racks help you achieve fewer stock-outs, better inventory control, faster order picking, fewer mistakes, and a product kept in better condition. That adds up to more satisfied customers and repeat business.
    • A well organized warehouse or yard with pipe racks, enhances your company’s image, attracting more customers.

Storage Concepts Pipe Racks are a Great Investment

    • Storage Concepts Pipe Racks are modular, and can be readjusted, reconfigured, or relocated to meet future storage needs.
    • Storage Concepts Pipe Racks require no maintenance, can be resold if necessary, and with just a small degree of care, should last a lifetime.


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