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Molding (Moulding) Racks – Basics

Molding (Moulding) Racks, unlike conventional racks, are uniquely designed to support molding, trim or other long slender shaped material, stored vertically, standing up.  The leaning loads imposed on a molding rack, require unique design criteria.  Storage Concepts Molding Racks are designed and built to meet the specific challenges imposed by these leaning loads.

Molding (Moulding) Rack – Configurations

Molding (Moulding) Racks from Storage Concepts are available in two different configurations.  Storage Concepts, Concept #130 H-Frame Molding Rack, and Storage Concepts, Concept #137 A-Frame Molding Rack.  Both of these molding racks are available for material from 8 ft to 20 ft in length, and have many features and benefits in common, however the primary differences between these two molding racks are:

Storage Concepts, Concept #130 H-Frame Molding Racks will accommodate larger bundles of material, or larger quantities of each SKU.  Pocket or bin size can be adjusted up to 72” deep, and 144” wide, on Concept #130 Molding Racks.

Storage Concepts, Concept #137 A-Frame Molding Racks incorporate a unique framework, against which the molding leans.  This framework supports your material evenly and frequently all along its length.  Molding, trim and other long, slender shapes benefit from being supported every few feet to prevent warping, bending and bowing.  Storage Concepts, Concept #137 A-Frame Molding Racks prevent the value loss resulting from improper storage.  Storage Concepts A-Frame Molding Racks are available in both single and double sided configurations.  Single sided A-Frame molding racks can be used against a wall or other obstruction.  Double sided A-Frame molding racks are more efficient where space and layout allows.

Molding (Moulding) Racks – Save Space

Molding (Moulding) Racks like Storage Concepts, Concept #130 and #137, which store material vertically, have many advantages over horizontal methods of storing molding and other long slender shapes.  For instance, a typical unit of molding 16 ft long, stored horizontally, might require an 18 ft aisle.  But the same 16 ft unit of molding stored vertically, in a Storage Concepts Molding Rack, requires only 3 to 5 ft of aisle space.  Additionally, material stored in a Storage Concepts Molding Rack, frequently uses the full height of your building, by utilizing formerly wasted overhead space.  This combination of factors, enables our molding racks to store all of your material in considerably less space.

Molding (Moulding) Racks – Save Time

Molding (Moulding) Racks store your material in less space, which means shorter distances to travel while storing, retrieving and order picking your molding.  That saves time.  Plus vertical molding racks are always loaded and unloaded from the floor.  That eliminates the time needed to climb ladders or stairs to service the upper levels, if molding were stored horizontally in a conventional rack.

Molding (Moulding) Racks – Are Safer

Molding (Moulding) Racks, which store material vertically, are inherently safer.  By eliminating the need for ladders or stairs, Storage Concepts Molding Racks virtually eliminate the possibility of a serious falling injury.  With our molding racks, loading and unloading never requires climbing on the racks to reach the item you need.  Also, the unique design of all Storage Concepts Molding Racks does not require your material to rest on a rack base, in order to stabilize the molding rack to prevent overturning. This base-free design on Storage Concepts Molding Racks, means heavy bundles of material need not be lifted up onto a base during loading or unloading, minimizing lifting injuries.

Molding (Moulding) Rack – Versatility

Molding (Moulding) Racks allow order pickers to visually see and inspect the full length of each piece of material, not just the ends, as with horizontal storage.  Order pickers can “thumb through” the pieces to make the best selection.  All Storage Concepts Molding Rack components are adjustable without nuts, bolts or tools.  Our Snap & Lock connectors allow for fast, easy adjustments for varying length material, and for large or small quantities of each SKU.  Plus when things change, the modular design of all Storage Concepts Molding Racks make it easy to rearrange your layout into a whole new configuration.

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