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Lumber Storage by Storage Concepts

Lumber Storage – Background

Lumber Storage, dates back to the dawn of man. Early man’s lumber storage, likely amounted to a few stacks of fire wood. Many years later the Roman Empire built elaborate lumber storage houses to protect their precious materials from pilferage and the weather. This ancient lumber storage remained very basic. The concept of lumber storage had not evolved – it was still just stacks of wood.

Lumber Storage – Protection

Lumber Storage has come a long way in the last five thousand years. Today, a modern lumber warehouse must store a bewildering number of wood and related products. That company still needs protection for their lumber storage, but not just from the weather. Today’s lumber storage must also protect against wasted space and wasted time, which can rob it of precious profits. And far from storing its materials away for months or years, the modern lumber company needs a lumber storage system that delivers quick and easy access to them.

Lumber Storage – Function

But designing an effective lumber storage system for today’s complex inventories – is anything but easy. Let’s take a look at what makes an optimal lumber storage system: First, a lumber storage system should make the most efficient use of space, possible. After all, space is expensive. Saving it – saves money.

Next, good lumber storage should speed storing and order picking to cut labor costs, and increase customer service. Ideally lumber storage should improve inventory control to reduce stock level errors and improve cash flow. The right lumber storage systems, protect the product from damage and pilferage, which can quickly erode profits. The best lumber storage system means safer handling to cut injuries, reduce insurance costs and downtime, and increase morale.

Lumber Storage – Flexibility

But a lumber storage system should not stop there. Your lumber storage should be flexible enough to meet the ever changing demand for products. Durable enough to stand years of hard use, install quickly enough to meet tight schedules – and be economical enough to fit within budget constraints.

In short, it should be a Storage Concepts lumber storage system.

Lumber Storage – Service

Storage Concepts offers a product line to meet every lumber storage need.

But the right lumber storage system is more than just hardware, its service too. State of the art lumber storage begins with a careful consultation to identify each customer’s special lumber storage needs, and then tailoring a system of lumber storage to meet them, efficiently and effectively.

Lumber Storage – Expertise

After almost 30 years of serving the lumber industry, Storage Concepts has the know-how, to design lumber storage systems that keep pace with the rapidly changing business. Their innovative approaches to lumber storage are possible because of their experience – and a product line with the flexibility to change as your needs do.

Lumber Storage – Quality

The extra durability of Storage Concepts equipment, means that your lumber storage system will keep on working for you, years after lower quality racks are scrapped. All Storage Concepts lumber storage racks are OSHA approved, and boast safety factors of 192% on uprights and 165% on beams. That’s why industry leaders turn to Storage Concepts, to design and build their efficient lumber storage systems.

Lumber Storage – State of the Art

Safety – Durability – Flexibility – Productivity – Service: these are the hallmarks of a Storage Concepts lumber storage system. They have made it the industry standard for the modern lumber warehouse. Time and again leaders in the lumber business turn to Storage Concepts to create the lumber storage systems at the heart of their efficient, profitable warehouses. Because when it comes to the Art of Lumber Storage – Storage Concepts is the State of the Art.

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