Lumber Storage Benefits

Lumber Storage Benefits by Storage Concepts

Lumber Storage Benefit #1 – Immediate access to every load

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts eliminate the stacking of one load directly on top of another, called “block stacking,” so workers can load, unload, and piece pick, without the need to move loads they don’t want, to gain access to the one they do want. Eliminating this unnecessary work saves a substantial amount of time and labor costs.

Lumber Storage Benefit #2 – Store material in less space

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts use formerly wasted overhead space. Some of our Lumber Storage Concepts reduce the necessary aisle size. Still others condense more material into less space by means of easily adjustable shelves, which squeeze out the wasted space between the levels. It’s not uncommon for our Lumber Storage racks to store the same amount of material in 20% to 40% less space. In addition to the savings of the space cost itself, using less space means your equipment and personal travel shorter distances to store, retrieve, and order pick. This saves time and labor costs, as well as maintenance and replacement costs for carts, lift trucks and other equipment.

Lumber Storage Benefit #3 – Improved inventory control

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts create a well organized storage system, with designated and labeled locations for each SKU, which will reduce stock-outs, and ease inventory taking, for additional labor savings and better customer service. Additionally, studies have shown that as much as 80% of an order picker’s time is spent searching for the item needed, and 20% actually picking it. Knowing where to quickly find each item, saves a tremendous amount of time and labor.

Lumber Storage Benefit #4 – Eliminate double handling

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts minimize clutter, and reduce blocked aisles, so both storing and retrieving are expedited. Workers make fewer mistakes and become more productive, raising morale. The result will enhance productivity and add to the bottom line.

Lumber Storage Benefit #5 – Faster easier order picking

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts create efficient storage systems that are specifically designed to speed order picking. Catwalks enable pickers to reach loads 18 feet high without ladders or climbing on the storage racks. Removable handrails enable full loads of material to be moved quickly for storing and retrieving. Our horizontal and vertical dividers keep products separated, making identifying them and physically picking the item faster and easier. More saved time and labor costs.

Lumber Storage Benefit #6 – Safer working conditions

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts create a safer storage system. Clear aisles, lack of clutter, reducing the need for ladders and climbing on loads or storage racks, all add up to a safer environment. Our storage rack systems also eliminate block stacked loads, which can result in misaligned load placement, and the crushing of the lower loads, causing unstable and dangerous stacks. No need to even mention how costly accidents and injuries can be.

Lumber Storage Benefit #7 – Less product damage

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts completely eliminate the crushing of the lower loads associated with block stacking. Our indoor storage rack systems get your inventory up off the floor and protect it from impact, moisture and excessive handling. Additionally, our outdoor storage rack systems protect from mud, rain, sun, snow and ice. An added benefit of organization and tighter inventory control is a reduction in pilferage. More savings here.

Lumber Storage Benefit #8 – Reduced labor costs

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts deliver all of the above benefits, which combined leads to a significant reduction in man hours needed to perform routine tasks, enabling management to redirect its labor force toward other profit making ventures, or reduce operating costs by a significant margin.

Lumber Storage Benefit #9 – Better customer service

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts will create a storage system which results in fewer stock-outs, better inventory control, faster order picking, fewer mistakes, and a product kept in better condition. This all adds up to more satisfied customers and repeat business. A well organized warehouse and yard also enhances your company’s image, attracting more customers.

Lumber Storage Benefit #10 – Versatility and Durability

Lumber Storage Racks from Storage Concepts have a modular design, which can be readjusted, reconfigured, or relocated to meet any future storage need. They require no maintenance, can be resold if necessary, and with just a reasonable degree of care, should last a lifetime.

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